STEM-IT Careers

Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer

Are you good at:

  • Figuring out how things work
  • Thinking through problems
  • Coming up with creative ideas and answers
  • Finding better, easier solutions
  • Adapting quickly to new knowledge, systems and applications
  • Working with others

Then, STEM-IT may be the perfect career for you.

  • Fastest Growing Jobs are in the STEM-IT Fields
  • $86,000/year in STEM-IT Jobs
  • 100,000+ STEM-IT Jobs in Texas
  • Fastest Growing Jobs are in the STEM-IT Fields
  • $86,000/year in STEM-IT Jobs
  • 100,000+ STEM-IT Jobs in Texas

Technology is part of everything we do.

80% of the fastest growing jobs are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and information technology (IT). Texas, alone, represents 10% of all future opportunities in the United States.

In Texas, we’re home to some of the biggest STEM-related employers, from Texas Instruments and Dell to Lockheed Martin and Chevron. And cities like Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio are considered hot markets for the industry.

Whether it’s computer programming, cybersecurity, engineering or geophysics, STEM and IT jobs are big in Texas. After all, everything is bigger in Texas.

Career Choices in STEM or IT

Information Technology
Computer IT
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High-Demand STEM-IT Programs

Dallas College

Computer Information Technology

The Computer Information Technology (CIT) program prepares you for today’s constantly changing workplace with four separate career paths.


Start your education path in biology. Biologists study the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution of living organisms.

STEM-IT Additional Programs Include: Biochemistry, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Environmental Science, Information Technology, Interactive Simulation and Game Technology, Mathematics, and Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Midwestern State University

Mechanical Engineering

Our program provides a broad-based educational experience that incorporates principles mechanical engineers will require in a robust field.


From our program students pursue water resource management, environmental assessment & consultation, petroleum production/exploration and fundamental research.

STEM-IT Additional Programs Include: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics

Texas A&M University – Texarkana

Electrical Engineering

Change the way people lead their lives. Study the design of a wide range of electrical and electronic devices that improve living for people everywhere.

Computer Science

Prepare for a career in software development, database administration, cell phone application development, computer network architecture, web development and more.

STEM-IT Additional Programs Include: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Computer Science

Acquire the technical foundation for a career in computer science as a software developer, software engineer, system designers or web developer.

Computer Information Systems

Prepare for a career in computer information systems with a foundation in programming, database technology, data structures, computer networks and application program development.

STEM-IT Additional Programs Include: Chemistry, Construction Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Technology Management

Texas Woman’s University

Computer Science

Build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge to focus on a career in Database Administration, Software Development, Hardware and Robotics, or Information Architecture.

Informatics and Health Informatics

Prepare for careers in data science with four tracks of study allowing you to select from a variety of degree plans customized to your needs.

STEM-IT Additional Programs Include: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics

The University of North Texas at Dallas

Information Technology

Opens doors to thousands of job opportunities in nearly every industry from software development, database administration and network administration, to health care and education.


Develop analytical thinking, critical reasoning and problem-solving skills that open doors to a broad range of highly paid jobs in research, computer programming, and engineering.

STEM-IT Additional Programs Include: Public Health, Biology, Communication & Technology

University of Texas at Arlington

Aerospace Engineering

Prepares students to comple a balanced study of basic science and engineering topics, further complemented by humanities, to ensure that graduates are prepared to tackle tomorrow's challenges.

Computer Science

Promotes design experiences that culminates in a major team-oriented project in the senior year that approximates an industrial work experience.

STEM-IT Additional Programs Include: Architectural, Biomedical, Civil, Computer, Mechanical and Software Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental & Earth Science, Geology, Mathematics, Medical Technology, Microbiology, Physics

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