Get Ready

Now is the time to think about your future, and plan. What do you like to do? What’s your favorite subject? What’s your career dream? It all starts now to make all those dreams come true. So get ready! It’s time to explore, engage and excel.

What are some of the milestones you’ll find along your journey?


8th Grade

  • Learn about and select an Endorsement for high school that fits your interests and future major/career.
  • Start planning your high school classes.
  • Take a foreign language, advanced math or Pre-AP Math class.
  • Take the PSAT 8/9 or PreACT 8/9.
  • Check out the new CollegeWorks brochure to begin exploring your college and career journey.




  • Take the PSAT.
  • Take SAT or ACT prep courses.
  • Think about what you really enjoy and what major is best for you (your teachers can help).
  • Research colleges, majors and admission requirements.
  • Learn about future careers and participate in Career Day opportunities.


  • Make a college application checklist or start with the one from CollegeBoard.
  • Meet with your school counselor and make sure you’re on track to graduate with the required credits.
  • Focus on improving your grades.
  • Retake the PSAT to qualify for scholarships.
  • Make a Top 10 Colleges list and review admission requirements.
  • Take the ACT or SAT or both.
  • Participate in college fairs and/or college visits.
  • Are you an athlete? Complete the NCAA Clearinghouse Application.


    • Complete your Promise Pledge.
    • Ask your teachers for a letter of recommendation.
    • Write your college essays.
    • Need to retake the ACT or SAT? Register now.
    • Retake the ACT or SAT.
    • Apply to colleges and send your transcript to each college.
    • Submit your FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid Profile.
    • If you haven’t done so, complete your Promise Pledge.
    • Need to retake the ACT or SAT? Register now.
    • Retake the ACT or SAT.
    • Make your college decision…if you haven’t already.
    • Meet all deposit deadlines. (May 1 is the deadline for many colleges.)
    • College Financial Aid Offer letters distributed.
    • Contact your College Financial Aid Office to discuss financial aid amount, work/study program and other opportunities.

Post H.S. Graduation

  • Attend college orientation.
  • Meet with your college counselor and map out your classes toward graduation.
  • Decide your college major and enroll in classes.
  • Use financial aid to buy books, supplies and a laptop if needed.
  • Attend college welcome week.

This is a sample summary of Education Opens Doors’ Roadmap to Success Program.

Due to COVID 19 quarantines, testing dates may vary or be waived by universities.

Education Opens Doors

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