CADD Technician

The illustrator who brings buildings, pipelines and products to life. Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) is in high demand in Texas.

From residential and commercial construction to highways and oil & gas, a CADD technician (or drafter) draws and maps out the next step. If Dallas wants a new toll road, it’s the CADD technician who creates the topographical relief map for the project. If Shell Oil plans a new pipeline, the drafter specifies the dimension, materials and procedures. As a CADD technician, you may work with architects, construction managers, or engineers.

If you’ve got the inclination to draw, design, problem-solve and create order, a career as CADD Technician may be for you. After graduating from high school, consider an associate’s degree in drafting. There are also opportunities to get certified in architectural drafting or computer-aided design.

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