Claims Adjusters, Examiners and Investigators

Claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators work behind the scenes, usually for insurance companies or agencies, to make sure that insurance customers claiming payment get the money they are entitled to. Appraisers in the auto insurance business decide if a car has been “totaled” in an accident and how much the car was worth in the first place.

It helps to be a strong, critical thinker with great interpersonal skills and an interest in detective work.

Claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators interview eyewitnesses and experts consult police departments, fire departments, and hospitals, and search databases for background information. They also inspect the property, understand the law, negotiate settlements and approve payments to claimants.

A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required for a person to work as an entry-level claims adjuster, examiner, or investigator, although some positions need a bachelor’s degree or insurance-related work experience. Auto damage appraisers typically have either a postsecondary nondegree award or work experience in identifying and estimating the cost of automotive repair.

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Claims Adjusters, Examiners and Investigators

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