Electrical Engineer

The “Thomas Edison” of engineering who invents and improves all things electrical, including cell phones, smart watches, navigation systems and fighter jets.

Electrical engineering is one of the most popular engineering fields, and it’s no wonder because jobs are available in virtually every industry from consumer electronics and semiconductors to academia, government and the military.

As an electrical engineer, you’ll design electronic components, software and products. You’ll analyze customer needs and design toward them. When customer feedback says the new smart phone is too big, you are the engineer who determines how to design and develop the new version so that all components fit in a smaller space.

To have a career as an electrical engineer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, but there are areas of the field where an associate’s degree works too. As you move into leadership positions, a master’s is helpful. And for teaching at the college level, look toward a PhD.

Median Annual Salary

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Did you Know?

Many companies offer internship opportunities for Texas A&M University–Commerce electrical engineering students: Oncor, Vex Robotics, L3 Harris, Farmers Electric Cooperative, Kimberly-Clark, Raytheon, and more!

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