Multimedia Artist/Animator

The artists behind the images and visual effects, from anime characters in video games to computer graphic imagery (CGI) in movies and commercials.

If you’re interested in being a multimedia artist or animator, expect a lot of variety and the ability to hone your gift. There’s a wide array of career specialties and skills when it comes to multimedia art and animation. Some artists and animators may focus on animated movies, video games, or visual effects for movies and television shows. Others specialize in CGI like the three-dimensional images in Avatar, Lord of the Rings and in video games like Assassin’s Creed and Halo 2. And there are some animators whose sole job is to design specific characters, scenery or backgrounds. Although they often work independently, multimedia artists and animators are usually part of a larger team. Their individual design work is part of a larger project that when put together creates a cohesive animation.

Most multimedia artists and animators need a bachelor’s degree in animation, art, computer graphics, fine arts or a related field. Some universities even have degree programs in game design. It’s also important to build your virtual portfolio highlighting your best designs.

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