The people who keep everything flowing and unclogged, plumbers install and repair pipes that carry liquids or gases here, there and everywhere.

Everywhere you go in Texas, you’ll notice new housing, shopping centers and office buildings. What do all of these projects have in common? Plumbing. A plumber installs pipes and fittings that carry water, gas and other fluids and substances. Some plumbers may specialize in residential services, while others may work on large-scale commercial projects.

In plumbing, there are different certified levels: journey- and master-level. As a journeyman plumber, you are ready to install, maintain and repair plumbing and drainage systems as well as gas lines. As a master plumber, you may develop blueprints for large construction jobs and determine the placement of pipes and fixtures. You’re also familiar with building codes and have the responsibility making sure all plumbing is properly placed and on budget.

Most plumbers have a high school diploma, complete an apprenticeship and hold the required licensure and certifications.

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Plumbing services will always be in demand and plumbers are not at risk of losing their jobs to machines or having their jobs outsourced for cheaper labor overseas.

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