Radiologic Technologist and Technician

The titles radiology technologist and radiology technician are often used interchangeably and considered to be the same job. Although they share similar job functions, there are still some notable differences between these careers.

A radiology technician is a professional who operates and works on radiology equipment and has patient interaction.

They maintain and fix radiology equipment, prepare patients for procedures and answer their questions, record patient information and position patients and ensure safety during scans.

A radiology technologist is a healthcare professional who uses radiology equipment to perform diagnostic tests. They may specialize in a certain area of radiology.

They perform diagnostic tests and operate radiology equipment. They position patients and ensure safety during scans. In addition, they assist physicians, read and interpret test results, and schedule appointments and assist with administrative duties.

The education requirements for both careers are fairly similar, but there are a few differences. Radiology technologists require a high school degree or GED and an associate degree in a relevant field. Most radiology technologists get an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in radiology technology.

Some radiology technicians may follow the same educational path as radiology technologists, but they have the option of becoming a technician without an associate degree. Working as a radiology technician requires either an associate degree or vocational training. If technicians choose to get vocational training, they typically gain some work experience before beginning their career as a radiology technician as well.

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