Secondary Teachers

If you have always wanted to become a teacher to share your knowledge, why not become a middle-, junior- or high-school teacher? Depending on the school district you teach in, you can teach kids in grade 6 through 12, from ages 12 to 18. Secondary teachers help young adults succeed in school, work and life.

Secondary teachers are subject-matter experts and have special training in fields like math, science, reading, English, foreign language or the arts, to name a few, so they can effectively impart their knowledge to different types of learners. On most days, teachers have from four to seven classes in their fields of specialization.

Whether you choose English composition and literature, math, biology, chemistry or another subject, you’ll need to adapt your teaching to the students at each grade level.

Middle- and high-school teachers follow a curriculum, develop lesson plans, teach classes in their subject matter and correct their students’ work. They also communicate with parents, assess student’s work and fill out report cards, and give individual students the specialized attention they need.

Teachers may be assigned to homeroom classes, where they take attendance and handle other school business, and study halls, where they must maintain an orderly, quiet atmosphere for study.

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