Surgical Technologists

Surgical Technologists, also called surgical assistants, scrub techs, or operating room technicians, assist with operations. They transport patients to surgery, prepare operating rooms, arrange equipment and help doctors during surgeries.

If you would like to become a critical part of a surgical care team, working alongside a surgeon, the surgeon's assistants, the nurses, and the anesthesiologist, this may be the job for you. You’ll need to act quickly and accurately, work well with other people, exhibit manual dexterity, show empathy and work well under stressful situations.

Before an operation, surgical technologists set up instruments and ensure all equipment is working properly as well as gather and prepare any sterile solutions or medications the team may need.

During an operation, the surgical technologist acts as an extra set of hands for the surgeon and first assistants, handing out sterile instruments and supplies, and preparing robotic surgical equipment.

After an operation, surgical technologists may take care of wounds by putting bandages and dressings on them and may take the patient to recovery or restock an operating room.

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Surgical Technologists

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