Parent Promise Offering

Parents of Promise students can earn their degree too—with full or part scholarships

As a parent of a Promise scholar, you can further your education too. Several Promise partners have developed special programs just for Promise Parents, so you can advance your education and career. Find the right choice for you, learn about elegibility, and apply today.

Associate Degree or Certificate — Full Tuition Scholarship

DCCCD Parent Promise

Earn a certificate or associate degree at no cost to you. The Parent Promise from Dallas County Community College is a scholarship program that provides a career pathway in a high-demand field of study. Parent Promise covers the gap between state and federal financial aid at any Dallas County Community College, so your tuition is free.

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Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Scholarships

UNT Dallas
Free Tuition for Bachelor’s Degree
$1000 Scholarship towards Master’s Degree
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University of North Texas at Dallas Parent Offering

Earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree at University of North Texas at Dallas. Promise Parents can attend UNTD for up to three more years if transferring from DCCCD. Or enter UNTD directly and be eligible for a parent scholarship for up to 4 years. Promise Parents are also eligible for a $1,000 scholarship toward a master’s program. Parent Promise at UNT Dallas covers the gap between state and federal financial aid, so your undergraduate education is free.

Program Detail Scholarship
Bachelor’s Program Transfer from DCCCD and
attend for up to 3 years.
Enter UNT Dallas directly and attend for up to 4 years.
Full Tuition
Graduate Program Must hold a Bachelor’s degree
and be accepted and enrolled into the program. $1,000 Scholarship
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Free Tuition for Bachelor’s Degree
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Midwestern State University

MSU has extended the Mustangs Guarantee program to include free tuition for Promise Parents wishing to enroll in at least 12 semester hours for each semester. Classes can be completed fully online and credit may be accepted from regionally accredited college-level course work and/or certain types of professional, educational, and military training. Programs offered include 9 concentrations in the BAAS degree which is designed to offer students with workforce education, vocational-technical training and/or professional experience in occupational fields, and previous college hours, an opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree.

  • Adult Education Concentration
  • Childhood and Adolescent Studies Concentration
  • Criminal Justice Concentration
  • General Studies Concentration
  • Healthcare Administration Concentration
  • Human Resource Development Concentration
  • Human Services Concentration
  • Liberal Arts Concentration
  • Technology Concentration
Program Detail Scholarship
Mustangs Guarantee * Must meet income eligibility
12+ credit hours per semester
Tuition Free
Transfer Excellence ** GPA: minimum 3.5 cumulative
Degree: Bachelors (first)
$2,000 ***
Transfer Achievement ** GPA: minimum 3.0 cumulative
Degree: Bachelors (first)
$1,500 ***

* See eligibility requirements

** Stackable on Mustangs Guarantee

***Student must have completed at least 18 credits after high school by the posted deadline and be fulltime at MSU. Prorated for part-time students.

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Free Tuition for Bachelor’s Degree
100% Online, Self-Paced
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$750 per subscription term
$250 scholarship for first term

Texas A&M-Commerce Parent Offering

Study 100% online and take as many competency-based courses as you like each term for $750. Because these programs are fully online, you are able to plan your study schedule around the rest of your day to complete the coursework.

Courses include:

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS) in Organizational Leadership
    This program has been designed specifically to prepare innovative leaders for employment in an increasingly technological and global society. The program provides opportunities for you to receive up to 90 credit hours for what you know and can do and allows you to accelerate to completion of your degree, faster.

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice
    This program has been designed specifically for first responders: law enforcement officers with existing work experience, police academy training, or other certifications. Texas A&M University-Commerce values your service and experience. We provide opportunities for you to receive credit for what you know and can do, and allow you to accelerate to completion of your degree, faster. Receive up to 30 college credits for your TCOLE certification.

Program Detail Scholarship
BAAS in Organizational Leadership Competency based—as many classes as you like Free Tuition
BS in Criminal Justice Competency based—as many classes as you like per term Free Tuition

* See eligibility requirements

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$500 Scholarship
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Texas Woman’s University Parent Offering

TWU is pleased to offer a one-time $500 incentive to the parent or guardian of a Dallas Promise student seeking to complete a degree at Texas Woman’s University. The nation’s largest university primarily for women, TWU prepares students for success in a global society. This incentive is in addition to standard merit and need-based aid provided to students by TWU for those applicants who meet the AGI of $50,000 or less.

Program Detail Scholarship
First Term All Promise Parents $500 Tuition
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