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If you’re ready for business, Texas is the state for you.

Have a head for business? If you’re good with numbers and business-minded, you could find yourself working for all types and sizes of companies, in all kinds of industries. From administrative support roles to managers and executives, career opportunities in the world of business are wide ranging. In business, an associate or bachelor’s degree can get you on a fast track to success.

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Did you know?

Texas not only leads the nation as home to the most large companies but also is home to more than 3 million small businesses and one of the top states for minority entrepreneurship.2 3


Careers in business touch nearly every industry, and opportunities are vast.

Texas consistently ranks at the top of the list when it comes to business, whether you’re reading Forbes or Fortune or watching CNBC. We’re home to businesses both large and small.

In fact, Texas is now home to more large corporations than any other state -- with 53 Fortune 500 companies1 -- with at least 40 Fortune 1000 corporate headquarters across the state.  We’re home to ExxonMobil, McKesson, AT&T as well as privately-held companies like Ben E. Keith, H-E-B and Hunt Oil. 

Texas also encourages small business success with more than 3 million small businesses employing nearly half the state’s workforce.2 Texas is also one of the top states when it comes to black and Hispanic entrepreneurship. In fact, we’re #1 for jobs created by African American, Hispanic and Veteran women business owners.3

Universities across the state offer excellent business programs for students, whether the interest is in an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree. And that’s a good thing, considering that Texas continues to lead the nation in job growth.1 Like they say, everything in Texas is big. That holds true for business too.



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