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Have you been inspired by a teacher? If you want to make a meaningful difference in others’ lives, careers in education offer many choices. From opportunities in grade school to high school, special education to bilingual, education can be a career where you can start as a teacher and transition to school administration. For most, but not all, careers in education you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree.


Did you know?

With a growing population and more than 8,000 public schools, Texas is the country’s largest job market for teachers.1


Across Texas, educators are inspiring others to greater heights.

Texas is home to more than 1,000 public school districts and 8,000 public schools, serving more than 5 million students.2 As more families and students move into the state, it’s no wonder that education jobs are among the fastest-growing careers in Texas.

What’s more, as our state increasingly needs more educated workers for the “knowledge-based” economy, the demand for teachers and other types of instructors is showing no signs of slowing down.

Across Texas, education is a hot market. In addition to the primary and secondary schools that can be found in every county across the state, you’ll find that many companies also need trainers and instructors in specialized fields, not to mention the need for specialized instructors in our institutions of higher ed.   

Texas also has many excellent colleges of education that offer a variety of degrees, including alternative certification programs3 that may allow you to teach while completing your requirements.



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