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Human Resources Specialist

A human resources specialist is the happy face who interviews and hires employees, explains how the company works, and organizes job training. In fact, the HR specialist is probably one of the most patient and understanding people you’ll ever meet.

HR specialists recruit, screen, interview and place workers. They handle employee relations, compensation, and benefits and training. They also work to make sure employees understand a company’s history, goals and corporate policies.

While most of the time, you’ll be busy at work in an office, there are some occasions when an HR specialist may be required to travel. Those specializing in employee recruitment travel extensively to attend job fairs, visit college campuses and meet with applicants.

Many human resources specialists have a bachelor’s degree in business, management, administration, communications or psychology.


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Have a head for business? If you’re good with numbers and business-minded, you could find yourself working for all types and sizes of companies, in all kinds of industries. From administrative support roles to managers and executives, career opportunities in the world of business are wide ranging. In business, an associate or bachelor’s degree can get you on a fast track to success.

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