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Not interested in a desk job? Today’s careers in manufacturing, transport and logistics are increasingly hi-tech, involving automation, robotics and other specialized skills and knowledge. You may be interested in joining a team at an advanced production plant or you may prefer being on the move within the growing transportation and logistics area. Whatever your choice, the specialized skills you can get from certification and other training programs will qualify you for many of these careers.

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Did you know?

Texas is home to more than 17,500 manufacturers, employing more than a million people – making us the second largest state for manufacturing. Not only that, we’ve been the top exporting state for more than 20 years.1


Made in Texas: where careers are hi-tech and in high demand.

Long known for its abundant natural resources, Texas today is also a leader in specialized and hi-tech manufacturing, such as in automotive and aerospace, electronics and semiconductors and petroleum and chemicals.

In fact, Texas ranks secondin terms of both manufacturing jobs and number of manufacturing companies. That includes major manufacturers like Lockheed Martin, Dell, Apple, Bell Textron, NXP Semiconductors and GM.

For many of our communities, manufacturing is a magnet for economic development, stimulating employment across other areas and sparking innovation in research and development. The state’s transportation and logistics infrastructure further makes it attractive to companies as a manufacturing base for both domestic and international trade.

To build the skillsets needed for today’s careers in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, many colleges offer an array of industrial education programs.

Manufacturing and Logistics


1. IndustrySelect. (2023, June 22). Top 10 U.S. States for Manufacturing. IndustrySelect. Accessed September 2023.

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