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A marketing manager is the out-of-the-box thinker who grabs attention and encourages people to take action, whether that means purchasing a product or service or engaging with a cause.

Marketing managers control communication between a company and its customers. They manage internal teams and work together to create promotional campaigns that are then launched to the public with advertising, public relations and social media. The results are usually fun, high-energy, creative and thought provoking. But there are a lot of details that must take place before the fun begins.

As a marketing manager, you’ll be expected to create estimates and budgets for marketing campaigns and submit them for approval. You'll work with other departments in your company and outside agencies, and get involved with negotiations and contracts. And before anything is launched to the public, the marketing manager reviews all advertising and communications materials like brochures, flyers, videos, TV commercials and online advertisements.

Most marketing managers have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, management or merchandising, along with other specialized knowledge related to the products or services being marketed and sold. For most positions at the marketing manager level, employers also look for at least five years of work experience, either as a marketing specialist or other entry-level marketing position.


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