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Mechanical Engineer

The designer, builder and creator of anything and everything that moves like aircraft, rockets, roller coasters, cars, generators and other products.

When the O-Ring of a rocket booster wears too easily, it’s the mechanical engineers who find the solution. As a mechanical engineer, you’ll take things apart, put them together and then take them apart again until you discover perfection. You solve problems and find creative solutions.

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering fields, designing and manufacturing a wide array of products across a number of industries, including aerospace, automotive, robotics and even heating and cooling.

For many mechanical engineering jobs, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, but there are a few areas where an associate degree works too, and a master’s is helpful to advance your career even further into leadership positions.


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Discover your future in STEM/IT.

Fascinated by science and technology? If you want to be at the forefront of using cutting-edge technologies or making scientific discoveries, you can pursue your passion with a career in STEM/IT. Many opportunities exist in this fast-growing area, from scientists and engineers to software and web developers – and in many different industries, from telecommunications and healthcare to construction and manufacturing. For most STEM/IT careers, you’ll need an associate or bachelor’s degree.



Texas Labor Market Information, Texas Workforce Commission. Statewide wages by occupation, 2021. Statewide projections by occupation, 2020-2030.

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