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Public Relations Specialist

The person with the message who creates and maintains a favorable public image for others. As a public relations specialist it’s about more than being a “people person.”

A PR specialist handles an organization’s communications with the public, including consumers, investors, reporters and other media specialists. If you’re a good writer, this may be the career for you. A PR specialist writes everything from press releases and talking points to speeches and social media posts. They respond to media requests, arrange interviews, evaluate media and promotion programs and ensure that all communications are consistent and on message.

As a PR specialist you’ll work across teams and departments. Be sure to hone your organizational skills because you often work on several projects at the same time. You’ll also need strong problem-solving, speaking and writing skills. And of course, interpersonal skills.

Most PR specialists have a bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism, communications, English or business. Internships with a PR firm or department not only help build your portfolio of work, but also help set you apart from the crowd when it comes to job interviews.


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The arts are thriving in Texas – and you can too!

Feeling creative? You’ll be in good company in the arts and culture industry. If you’re technically inclined, you’ll find lots of opportunities to work behind the scenes – designing, directing, producing, writing and publishing multimedia and other creative content. Short-term training (usually from a few months to about two years) can get you started in some of these positions, while you’ll need more advanced training or a bachelor’s degree for others.

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