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A sales job involves selling a service to customers, whether new or existing, typically through in-person interactions. Sales is a major component of companies across many different industries. When a business provides a service to its clients, it often relies on salespeople to generate awareness and increase the number of items sold. Working in sales is a career option that many people pursue, as it can offer the potential to earn a high income.

Customer service skills, patience, strong communication skills, and persistence are of primary importance in a sales job.

Sales representatives work with customers to find out what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process. They foster relationships with potential clients and travel within their assigned sales region. They schedule and attend calls and face-to-face meetings, give sales presentations, maintain documentation of sales leads and closed deals, meet sales goals, and monitor competitors to understand customers’ needs. They also negotiate contracts with clients. In addition, they work closely with the marketing department of the company to raise brand awareness.

Sales representatives may be under intense pressure to meet their sales goals, and their income may be directly dependent on their work performance. At some companies, sales representatives are required to learn specific sales tactics and even train employees on how they want their products sold.

While many sales reps have a bachelor’s degree, typically in business, management, or marketing, the educational background needed to enter the field is very diverse. Organizations often prioritize sales experience and competence when hiring for this role, and provide on-the-job training. And, generally speaking, having an associate or bachelor’s degree in a service field may also be an advantage, for example, having a computer science degree for a job selling computer solutions.


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Have a head for business? If you’re good with numbers and business-minded, you could find yourself working for all types and sizes of companies, in all kinds of industries. From administrative support roles to managers and executives, career opportunities in the world of business are wide ranging. In business, an associate or bachelor’s degree can get you on a fast track to success.

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